CUC’s 2022 recap

2022 Cuprum Coin Recap

Dear users and CUC fans,

It’s time to briefly look back on the year 2022 and what we accomplished during it. Maybe some of you think we haven’t done much, but we’re sure you’ll change your mind after this.

Our team worked literally 24/7 throughout the year to make CUC what it is today, a completely independent and complete crypto commodity.

Therefore, here is what we specifically did during 2022.:

  1. January 3, 2022. – Cuprum Coin presented underyling assets security storage documents. Link here
  2. February 11, 2022. – Cuprum Coin launched CUC blockchain explorer. Link here
  3. March 10, 2022. – Registrations enabled for users on CUC blockchain explorer Link here
  4. March 17, 2022. – Cuprum Coin presentation video launched. Link here
  5. June 21, 2022. – Cuprum Coin joined Twitter. Link here
  6. July 7, 2022. – Our team completed rewards for all users, an additional 9% CUCs. Link here
  7. July 11, 2022. – WhiteBIT exchange successfully completed testing of CUC. Link here
  8. July 14, 2022. – Bitforex exchange confirmed completed CUC integration. Link here
  9. July 20, 2022. – Bitforex and WhiteBIT officially announced CUC market launching. Link here
  10. August 8, 2022. – CUC IEO launched on Bitforex exchange. Link here
  11. August 11, 2022. – CUC legal oppinion presented. Link here
  12. August 15, 2022. – CUC listed on CoinGecko. Link here
  13. August 16, 2022. – CUC/USDT launched on the secondary market on Bitforex exchange. Link here
  14. August 17, 2022. – CUC listed on TokenInsight. Link here
  15. August 22, 2022. – CUC/USDT listed on the secondary market on WhiteBIT exchange. Link here
  16. August 2022. – The marketing agency created a complete plan for CUC (private)
  17. September 4, 2022. – CUC listed on LiveCoin watch. Link here
  18. September 6, 2022. – Cuprum Coin signed partnership agreement with BR Group. Link here
  19. October 3, 2022. – CUC listed on Coinranking. Link here
  20. October 4, 2022. – Cuprum Coin created an official Telegram Group. Link here
  21. October 7, 2022. – Cuprum Coin presented an asset and security storage with exclusive photos. Link here
  22. November 7, 2022. – Cuprum Coin presented a new ECOsystem and CUC connection with the asset. Link here
  23. November 8, 2022. – Cuprum Coin presented proof of value in details. Link here
  24. November 23, 2022. – Tokeninsight first ranked CUC per market capitalization. Link here
  25. December 15, 2022. – Cuprum Coin rearanged the tokenomics and circulating supply, as well the top wallets. Link here
  26. December 26, 2022. – Cuprum Coin presented Top 20 wallets. Link here

So, if we look at the whole year 2022 and the situation on the crypto market, we believe that we really did the best we could and that we created a sound foundation in order to do much bigger and more concrete things in 2023.

Behind each completed job listed here lies a lot of effort, work and a lot of invested money. Although sometimes not everything can go according to plan, as you have convinced yourself during your work, as well as in life, we are sure that we will fulfill each of our assigned tasks and plans. That’s how, we are sure that an exciting year awaits us, as well as you. We are in the process of preparing many novelties that we will begin to reveal as we make them official.

We want to thank everyone who is with us and who believes in our CUC, we believe that you will be rewarded for your patience. We will do everything in our power to make CUC a globally known and recognized cryptocurrency during this year. We have already started with our plan.

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future

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