Bitforex does not record the recent CUC/USDT trades properly.

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Dear users,

We would like to inform you that last week we discovered, and today it happened again, that Bitforex is not recording CUC/USDT recent transactions properly.

Although we warned Bitforex last week about third-party bot manipulations, including this huge problem, they immediately solve it. But today the problem happened again.

Be careful if you trade through the Bitforex exchange, we don’t like what’s going on there for a long time. We asked for an urgent check and all corrections so that trading with CUC would be completely transparent.

If they cannot solve these problems, we will also request a suspension of trading, due to the possibility of manipulation by a third party, which, as we stated, we already had last week.

Refrain from trading on Bitforex for a while, as we believe it is not safe, and you can easily become a victim of manipulation, thus selling CUC below the price you want to achieve.

This definitely should not happen on any exchange!

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurency of the Future

CUC/USDT trading on Bitforex, September 27; orders and recent trades

CUC/USDT ask September 27 – ca 19:58h

CUC/USDT buy order September 27 – 19:58:50h

CUC/USDT recent trades and missing purchase September 27

CUC/USDT trading, October 2; purchase and recent trades

CUC/USDT, October 2, 20:41:12h, Complete purchase. From filled 141.98 CUCs, only 1.5 CUC is visible in recent trades bellow.

CUC/USDT, October 2, recent trades, only 1.50 CUC is visible from 141.98 purchased?

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